Clonshire Le Roy

“Leroy” is a 2006 Irish Sport Horse gelding who was imported from Ireland in 2011 to become Stephanie’s new competition mount. He is full of personality and loves jumping. Leroy’s first USEA recognized event was Plantation 2014 where he finished third in a very competitive division. This is one to watch come up the levels! Strange but true: Leroy was shipped to the US via FedEx!

The Duke of Irish Manor

“Duke” is a 1999 Quarter Horse gelding who joins us with previous experience in eventing, trail riding, and swimming.

Up In Smoke

“Smoke” is a 2000 Paint gelding who has lots of experience in dressage, eventing, and foxhunting. His packer mentality and comfortable gaits make him an asset to the program. Honest and safe, Smoke is the horse of choice for riders learning to canter and jump as well as compete!

Strange but true: Smoke is our resident escape artist, who knows how to push open his stall door and take a stroll around the farm!

Home Run

“Yankee” is a 2006 Pony of the Americas gelding who excels at teaching kids and adults. He enjoys being fussed over and can move up the levels with his riders from walk/trot to jumping around courses. Yankee also loves to go on trail rides and loves eventing!

Strange but true: Yankee’s favorite sweet treat is frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts!

Sadie’s Splashy Image

“Sadie” is a 2004 Paint mare whose name says it all! She is a splashy, flashy gal with a sweet personality to boot. Her calm demeanor makes her suitable for even the most timid of beginners.

Strange but true: Sadie loves to eat anything out of the window boxes- including cabbage- so she has to live on the side of the barn closest to the outdoor arena!

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